New Oppo BDP-95 Tube Mods!

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New Oppo BDP-95 Tube Mods!
« on: 15 May 2011, 07:21 pm »

OPPO-95 Mod price: $1750 + shipping ($1995 w/MWI 'Truth' umbilical)

50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a start date and finalize order. Remainder due upon completion, prior to shipping.

Return shipping is not included in the mod price.

We do not supply the Oppo-95 players. You may order from Oppo and have units shipped directly to us. Retail price for Oppo 95 player (stock): $995.

Stock player is switchable - 110V/220V - we can build our external supply for 120V or 220-240V.

Region Free upgrades are available for $250, installed (when included with our modifications). This will allow a player purchased in the U.S. to play all regions of DVD, DVD-A and Blu-Ray discs.

Customer Feedback:
I just can't believe how nice the player is already sounding (and only with about 10-15 hours on it on my end). My friend came over yesterday and had to pick his jaw up off of the floor. It has really been a pleasure going back through my somewhat neglected CD collection and listening to things all over again. Many thanks! I think the try strengths of the player over stock are the wide soundstage, the clean and clear highs, the tight and detailed bass and the extremely low noise floor. The dynamics are pretty much off the charts as well. My wife is really enjoying it all as well--a major bonus! Ya done well, man... - J. Strid - May 2, 2011

Obviously the advantage of the 95 is that it plays all formats and has great video too.

Another advantage to the Oppo 95 is its USB (24/192) and eSATA data interfaces. This allows for music stored on external HD or other USB or eSATA compatible storage device to feed music directly to the Oppo. This does require a monitor be connected to the player to show track listings, etc.

The Oppo Tube Mod for the 95 includes the following:
  • Removal of all feedback-based op-amp analog circuit.
  • Direct coupling of DAC output to ModWright's I-V circuit.
  • Direct coupling of I-V circuit to ModWright's fully balanced 6SN7 based Class A tube stage.
  • Top quality parts throughout, including MWI capacitors and Takman Japanese carbon film resistors.
  • External tube-rectified high-voltage tube supply powers ModWright tube analog stage.
  • Optional 'Truth' umbilical between external tube supply and player provides clean and pure DC power for improved detail, dynamics and soundstage.
  • Upgrades to stock digital power supplies for lower jitter and less digital edge.
  • Enclosure and drive vibration damping for lower jitter and less digital glare.
  • 5AR4 tube rectifier and 6SN7 driver tubes allow for broad range of tube rolling, to obtain the right tonal balance for YOUR system.
Sonics benefits of the tube mods: A fuller, richer midrange and even more extended highs and expanded soundstage. Bass is extremely deep and well defined. The overall presentation combines midrange warmth, broad bandwidth, sparkling detail and resolution, WITHOUT the common aggressive edge and glare found in lesser digital components!

The lack of feedback (inherent in op-amp based analog stages) and the clean and simplified signal path of our 6SN7 tube-based circuit with tube rectified external power supply, simply lets the music through.

Both payers offer the same level of performance. Because of different DACs used and other differences in the players, there are subtle sonic nuances between them, but I would say that with the same tube circuit, it is really too close to call. They are BOTH excellent!

Results of listening tests of tube-mod Oppo 95 and stock Oppo:
Both on redbook CD and DVD-A, via RCA outs only so far. Same cabling used and same system.

We happened to have a pair of KWA 150 Signature Edition's running in mono to my Daedalus Ulysses. Preamp was LS 100.

Using same cables, compared a stock Oppo-95 to the tube-modified proto Oppo 95.

What jumps right out at me is the increased soundstage depth and width. Secondly, the low-level information and aural cues are simply much more apparent with the modified unit.

Detail and resolution excel with the modified unit, over stock, and stock is GOOD!
The key differences are resolution, micro-detail/dynamics, decay and a natural 'ease' to the music.

What I am hearing is typical of what we hear with the Sony XA-5400ES and other mods, vs. stock players.

The ModWright Oppo 95 tube mod IS superior to our previous tube mod for the BDP-83SE.


Dan W.

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Re: New Oppo BDP-95 Tube Mods!
« Reply #1 on: 23 May 2011, 09:40 pm »
My Oppo 95 Tube Mods just completes 500 hours of burn-in. These are my findings:

- Multiple hours of Burn-in is required. Do not judge the sound before that.

- Use your best power cables for both digital and analog units. They are sensitive to the quality of the power cables.

- In the audio format setup menu, do not the select the 192 kHz LPCM rate. 96 kHz sounds the best. You can even switch between the 2 setting during playback for Hi-Res computer files and discover the big gap of sound quality. Most DAC cannot translate 192 kHz data file properly to analog. Directives from manufactures such as Benchmark and Devialet confirmed that.

- With the 96 kHz setting, music files of 24 bit 88 kHz (I do not have file of 96 kHz at this moment) sounds better than those in 24 bit 192 kHz.

- Music from e-Sata drive have better sound that those from USB thumb drive.

- SACD is not affected by the LPCM setting if DSD output is selected. I am still trying to decide if the sound quality of SACD is up to 88 kHz file. At this moment the 88 kHz file seems to be better.

- HDCD is better than CD. But it is still not as good as Hi-Res files and SACD.

Overall, I am very please with the BDP-95 Tube Mods. Sound quality wise, the micro-dynamic and details resolution really stand out.


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Re: New Oppo BDP-95 Tube Mods!
« Reply #2 on: 21 Sep 2011, 07:15 pm »
My Oppo 95 Tube Mods just completes 500 hours of burn-in. These are my finding(s):

- Use your best power cables for both digital and analog units. They are sensitive to the quality of the power cables.

Overall, I am very please with the BDP-95 Tube Mods. Sound quality wise, the micro-dynamic and details resolution really stand out.
Which power cords did you end up thinking/believing were good enough?
Thanks for the review!