nOrh Le Amp/IRD MB-100 enough for Alpha's?

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nOrh Le Amp/IRD MB-100 enough for Alpha's?
« on: 30 Jan 2003, 10:54 pm »
Currently have have a Yamaha RX-V1000 serving multiple duties, but for music, it serves as the pre-amp.  I run my main speakers with either my Hafler DH-220 or my DH-500.  I was considering replacing one, or both with a pair of LeAmps.  I'm guessing I'll be taking a step down in the power category, but a step up in quality of sound.

Question is, will they be adequate for driving the (under construction) Alpha's?  Keep in mind I do like to rattle the house once in a while.  I was also thinking I could get another pair later and bi-amp.  


PS: I know my Alpha's deserve better electronics.  I'm working on that  :D

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nOrh Le Amp/IRD MB-100 enough for Alpha's?
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jan 2003, 07:46 am »
You may want to also consider the AKSA 55 watt amp or the 100 watt amp. The Alpha's are so efficient. I bet the 55 watter will be sufficient. And don't be fooled by the power rating. They sound equivalent to 2x as much power from your typical B&K amplifier.



nOrh Le Amp/IRD MB-100 enough for Alpha's?
« Reply #2 on: 4 Feb 2003, 04:19 am »
I've read alot of great things about the ASKA amps.  I would definately like to build one someday.  It appears that a 100W ASKA would cost a minimum of $600-$700 to build.  With a 55W unit not all that far behind.  

Looks like I can get a pair of LeAmps for about $350.  Of course I could also just keep my DH-500 and knock some walls down.  :D   But, as much as I enjoy crankin' it up once in a while I am also VERY interested in sound quality.