Carver ZR1600 update

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Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #20 on: 19 Apr 2004, 04:20 pm »
My reference system:

Sony DVP-S7700 with Turbomod
----------Bitmeister digital cable
Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC with Turbomod
----------Holophonic-PC unbalanced IC's
Mark Levinson #38 Pre with Turbomod
----------Holophonic-PC unbalanced IC's
Adcom GFA-585 amp with Turbomod
----------Clarity7 speaker cables
KEF 104/2 speakers with Turbomod

My backup amps are Parasound JC-1's, currently unmodified
My backup speakers are Soundline SL2's - currently unmodified


Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #21 on: 19 Apr 2004, 05:23 pm »
Quote from: audioengr
I discovered what it was - a hiss filter was causing it.  This filter is before the Tripath module.  I removed the filter and the hiss increased a little, but the imaging to the back wall got much better and now the high-frequency room echoes are audible.  ...

I'm not sure what a hiss filter is, but isn't this filter to keep all the radiated switching noise from getting into the input to prevent im and such? It does seem that just changing the content of the noise floor or im components will make the amp more lively.



Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #22 on: 20 Apr 2004, 11:37 pm »
This filter was there to roll-off the high-frequencies because the original design was so noisy.  Removal of this filter with the orginal design would probably have resulted in too much noise.  The new design is much quieter, so most of the filters have been removed.


Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #23 on: 26 Apr 2004, 11:56 pm »
Received new inductors - they are smaller and get hotter, but I have epoxied a heat-sink to them.  Next we'll see if this is good enough.


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Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #24 on: 1 May 2004, 05:36 am »
Steve: This amp sounds like it is a design nightmare.  From what you're saying here, i've gathered that little thought was given to internal lay-out or in-circuit / on-board impedances.  If you laid the amp out more appropriately and took those factors into account, you could probably minimize the amount of RF radiation drastically.  As you know, this would improve sonics and stability, but you'd have to design from the ground up, making it an all-new amp.  As it is now, it seems like you've got your hands full, but are enjoying the challenge  :)

Out of curiosity, what gauge are the output inductors that you're using?  Sean


Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #25 on: 1 May 2004, 06:06 pm »
Sean - it has turned-out really good actually.  The mods are complete and I'm ready to mod more of them.  It is very close to my reference, which beats the Parasound JC-1's.

The inductors are at least 12 AWG.


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Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #26 on: 3 Jul 2004, 04:51 am »
    Can you now compare the sound of the modded Carver vs your Turbomodded Adcom. What differences (across the board) do you hear between the two amps ? Thanks !! :) [/list:u]


Carver ZR1600 update
« Reply #27 on: 3 Jul 2004, 04:29 pm »
Chris - the Turbomodded Adcom still beats it for high-frequency extension and air, but the Carver beats the Adcom for bass control.

I have a new inductor design that I will use in Spectralman's mod and I believe this will narrow the differences between the Adcom and the Carver.