Mad Dog Audio Adventures: PolyCrystal Amp stand review

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Since the day that I got a set of Panda Thumbs Audio Sorbothane feet for my P-Tech P-3/A DAC from Gary about 6 months ago, I realized that isolating gear from vibration could improve the sound of my system. However this wasn't something that was high on my list of must-have upgrades since I knew that I still needed better cabling and a better preamp at the time. Also since the foundation under the carpet was concrete, I didn't think isolation gear would improve my system that much more so I continued to leave my amplifiers on the floor seeking bang-for-buck improvements elsewhere.

Fast forward 6 months...

My previous preamp has given way to an Aragon Aurum...My previous digital cable has given way to an Argent Audio Jaden Signature digital coax...My previous RCA ICs have given way to an Argent Audio Jaden Signature, Acoustic Zen Silver Reference IIs and Eichmann eXpress6....My previous power cords have given way to some Absolute Power Cords, Onix Statement and Statement 1 PCs, and the Eichmann AC cable...My previous speaker cables have given way to the Onix Statement speaker cable...Hmm...This seemed like the perfect time to turn my attention to vibration damping and isolation devices...So enter John Casler...He recommended that I give the Innovative Audio PolyCrytal amp stands a try and most generously offered to let me borrow his pair to audition.

Of course my first question was, "Uh, based on the website pics, these don't look so hot so how do they look in person?" Well, fortunately, the PolyCrystal amp stands looked STUNNINGLY elegant and beautiful! In fact, my wife immediately noticed them and commented how nice they looked and whether we were going to be getting these. They resembled the look of marble and certainly were heavy enough to be mistaken as marble. The spikes are constructed of PolyCrystal as well and are well finished. The PolyCrystal spikes and platform look so nice that it is almost a shame that they will be pretty much hidden from view once my Palladium II monoblock amps are placed on them. Notice I say "ALMOST A SHAME"...This is because I soon discovered that it would be a true shame to not have the PolyCrystal stands under the amps at all!

Stayed tuned for Episode 2 of the Mad Dog Audio Adventure starring the Innovative Audio PolyCrystal Amp stands!

John Casler

Mad Dog Audio Adventures: PolyCrystal Amp stand review
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As a little side story to this.  PolyCrystal sent me these to evaluate "under" RM40s.  Now as you know neither Brian nor I advocate putting your RM40s on platforms and such so I was less than expecting any result from this but the PolyCrystal rep was insistent and said he would send me some.

Well to make a long story short, I may not have my new RM40s for a while yet and so I leaned the Polycrystal platforms up against the front of my speaker stands (w/626Rs on them) making a slightly leaning "beard".

They certainly were extremely impressive for beards.  It really made the bass even better.

So the side news is that if your looking for a good looking, and GREAT sounding beard for your speaker stands, these things serve for other things.

But if MD's initial comments are any indication, I may never see my stands again :bawl:  

And anytime something passes the "wife test" you know it better be in the system. :lol:  :lol: