For sale: Modwright LS 100 Tube Preamp

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For sale: Modwright LS 100 Tube Preamp
« on: 4 Apr 2011, 07:23 pm »
Up for sale is my practically brand new Modwright LS 100 Tube Preamp (and KWA 100se in another listing here)...
Only reason for selling is I am planing a build/finish job of my attic space for an audio room. In the mean time - and in an attempt to gain some funds for the build - I will simplify to an integrated...
I am the first owner and have only had the unit for 3 months. The Preamp sounds incredible - brought my system to life and rolling 6SN7's to taylor the sound to your liking is very rewarding...

Included with this mint condition preamp is the original box, manual, as well as tubes matched & tested by Dan's assistant John...

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Here is a link to the LS 100 page on the Modwright site:

And a quote from last years RMAF:
The Best of the Best at 2010 RMAF
by Robert H. Levi
"Dan Wright is a young genius who may not yet have reached his real greatness. So far, he has designed extraordinary gear and each generation just leap frogs the last. This system is a class act and a wondrous great deal for any audiophile. The Daedalus speakers were stunning. They did a disappearing act you must hear for yourself. In this real world price category, the ModWright Daedalus room was truly Best of Show."

Apologies for the point and shoot pic

Please PM me if you have any questions

 Thanks for looking

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Re: For sale: Modwright LS 100 Tube Preamp
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See Audiogon link in my post above for new listing and new details included.

Thanks all



Re: For sale: Modwright LS 100 Tube Preamp
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