Incredible fullrange driver, Rullit 12" field coil in massive horns

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My speaker chasing is over.


Looks sexy but their communication via Ebay is beyond terrible.  When they were hawking their specialized wares in Ebay, their answers were pretty much nil.  Looking at it, it must cost plenty of euros but plunking euros to a company or individuals that are mute, it is a risk. 


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Links, price, details?


Yes, I took the risk, it is the best bet I have every done, they sounded real, I can understand Rullit's attitude on ebay, they are way under valued, the craftmanship and materials are superb, I won't trade them with my friend's Wilson Alexandria.


They look incredible. Are they supported by a sub?


How did you get these?  Was it via an Ebay listing or direct communication?  I do not even see a Rullit specialized site or anything.


They have full output to the upper 30's, I have Muse 18 right now, but they can't keep up with these horns, I am planning to borrow my friends Seismic sub and give it a try.
They are driven by John Wiesner built Dr. Arthur Loesch designed 300B, 50, 10y convertible amps with Tango Permalloy output transformers.
I bought the drivers only, and have my audiophile master furniture builder friend built from the plan supplied by Oleg Rullit.
Rullit's site



   Cooooool!!!!!!  8) Man! They look incredible!

   Fit my theory and believe perfectly when is come to Single Driver speaker... Go BIG!!!!

    I guess I don't have to ask for the $$$$ because I'm sure I can't afford them  :icon_lol:


i bought them off ebay for a great price for such drivers, they are all hand made including the cellulose for the cones, they have  leather surround and phenolic spiders, I am running about 160vdc choke loaded power supply on the field coils.
I have them in open baffle in typical plywood for 9 months and confirm the quality of the sound before commission to have them build, the horns start out with over 500lb of hardwood.



I love threads like this one and there is a nice thread on these over at diyaudio as well with some input from Mr. Rullit.


My speaker chasing is over.

Those are beautiful.  Where are you located?  If you're near by, I'd love to give them a listen.


Dallas, Texas.


Dallas, Texas.
A bit too far away for a quick listen - I'm in California.


Come to Lone Star Audio Fest, it is in May. You will probably hear Dave Slagle's Field coil Lowther with Jeffrey Jackson's wood horns, which is also superb, I much preferred it to the open baffle with the same driver at RMAF, you can come over for a listen after the show.

Atelier Rullit

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Hello to the community,

the project presented by shooter is the result of at least ten years research for a music reproduction as authentic as possible. The thing has always been music for me - not merely "sound", and I have always avoided to use terms like "sound quality". I'm going to be more explicite on this subject soon.

I apologize for the poor communication during the last years. Developing and building new projects has always taken a lot of time, up to 16 hours a day, and I also have to mention that the website isn't run by me. It wasn't before December 2010 that I received the whole batch of emails that had been addressed to me via this site. But things will change. We are about to enlargen our team and thus improve our communication as well as our presence in internet communities and forums. We won't be online permanently, but at least twice or three times a week.

By the way, the project mentioned above is, so to speak, high-graded "State of the Art", but there are smaller versions to be presented in the U.S., also two-way combinations based on Rullit Aero 8 + Rullit 15 Sandwich.

@JohnR: We will be more elaborate on authentic bass reproduction in another posting.

We are happy that we have found the Audio Circle forum, and we are looking forward to sharing new projects with you.

A new Atelier Rullit website is being build up at the moment.

Best regards,
Atelier Rullit


Oleg, thanks for posting on this thread.
Some listening impression of the drivers from a friend when they were mounted on open baffles, also there is a picture of my drivers on his blog, he heard the horns a few days ago, I think there will be a follow up.


2 more images of the Rullit front load horns
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Mike Nomad

All I can say is wow. And wow. And wow some more. They look absolutely gorgeous. They would look incredible in my 100 year old bungalow. However, I can't sacrifice that much stand-off from the back wall.

How low do these play?


I have not measure them in these horns, when in open baffle they have plenty of output at 40hz, so I think they will do upper 30's.


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what's the $$$ ballpark of this project - drivers, wood, hands?