a cd RAID

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a cd RAID
« on: 5 Mar 2011, 02:02 am »
ok, friday afternoon, off early so to Rockaway Records in Silver Lake, Califiornia, just a short distance from my job.

the three dollar cd specials:

chico hamilton-twelve tones of love-sealed.

B&W presents: ray russell-childscape featuring gil evans and mark isham.

stolen moments-red hot + cool-various artists

john zorn-naked city

mc laughlin/dimeola/de lucia-passion, grace, and fire

andre prevein-jazz at the musikverein

four dollars:

rahsaan roland kirk-the warner bors recordings

a modern jazz symposium of music and poetry with charles mingus

five dollars

oregon with the moscow tchaikowsky symphony orch-in moscow-tow disc set

eight bucks

john lee hooker-the healer-promo

a pretty good deal for $35.01 inc tax.

all except the healer in the jazz section, but the zorn aint jazz.

there was more to get but you gotta stop somewhere.