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Hey Ed, here is my instrument.  :lol:


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Nice board there, you could have fun with that baby!!! Very nice...who's the old guy..oh thats you...


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Came home from a wedding at 4 1/2 and picked out the melody on my grandmother's piano. Started piano the next year. Rock and roll band in high school along with band and orchestra. On to college as a music major as well as forming a folk trio. Worked my way through college by employment at the local music store. Did lots of gigs with a piano trio and various groups. Radio and TV work and commercials. A couple of commercial reordings that didn't do much. Became a band director and conducted bands and orchestras. Held post as music director at a local private club and played there for over 28 years. Now retired and have a chance to listen as much as I want and just love it. I have been lucky enough to do everything in music that I ever desired with Carnegie Hall being  the last item on my bucket list!



Wow this thread hasn't been updated for  a couple of years.  I replaced my Kanstul 1537 and bought a real Bach Stradivarius Lr43 lightweight trumpet with gold plate trim.  It totally blows the Kanstul away and I feel no inclination to upgrade anytime soon.  I'm still enjoying playing with Metro Big Band here in Perth.  I usually have 1- 2 gigs per month with this band which is just enough because I work full-time. 


Cheers Rod


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I'm new here but also play in a gigging R&B band as a saxophone player. Started collage as a music major but also doubled in engineering. Now 30 years later I'm an engineering program manager as my day job but play pretty much every weekend in an R&B/funk band.


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I have no talent to be a musician so I play drums some times. :green:


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I'm new to the forum but have played saxophone all through high school and college. Now at 52 I still gig with local R&B bands in Nor Cal. My main band is Clean Slate and we are typically busy every weekend playing at casinos and corporate gigs.