Monitor speaker distances from the front wall & seating distance from speakers

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Now that you mentioned, I checked up the chario site, they don't have any distributors in India ( .  Shipping to India is a lot of concern due to damages, I've received several half opened, then improperly packed packages from the customs and there is not much that can be done. No formal redressal system for goods damaged at the hands of customs or couriers or the postal co.

There are quite a few front ported systems available here. The good ones I've had a chance to listen to were the Paradigm S6s. Hoping to listen to more of them before deciding. My interest in Monitors/Bookshelves is that they might require lesser space than the Floor standers and I could go in for a separate sub for the lower frequencies

If Sonus Faber is available in India, as you mention, I would imagine Chario is as well.

I can understand your preference to deal locally as well as have an opportunity to audition, prior to purchase. And it does take away any concerns of having a unit damaged in shipping.

- David.


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If you have a good relationship with a local dealer, they can arrange for a non-distributed product to be brought in. Also, eventhough a manufacturer does not show distribution in a certain country, they will allow for product procurement through one of their regional distributors (for example's sake, out of Singapore).

I've done this with motorcycles.

Your dealer still makes a bit as he or she is helping you out. A manufacturer with no distribution in a particular country is generally open to it. And your dealer can offer you some additional protection if you go this route.

Keep in mind, shipping and customs snafus happen all the time and everywhere. I've seen US distributors list product at significant discount because Customs did a number on their shipment.


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There are quite a few front ported systems available here.

As you likely know, even with the front porting, boundary issues will come into play, though to a lesser degree.


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I have a similar situation where my oldest system sits in a 7 foot wide wall one of the short sides of our 15 ft x 20 ft living room.  The left speaker is inches from a short section of side wall.  Far less than ideal, but OK for the occasional/casual listening that gets done there.  Its your coin, but I wouldn't put $4,000 of speakers into that situation.  I'd find some smaller speakers and put the rest into headphones.

I agree that open baffles don't make sense and that wall/corner loading could easily be too much of a good thing.  OTOH I don't believe that a rear port close to the front wall makes much of a difference.  Front loaded horns can help project the sound farther out into the room.