Speakers for my music/theater room

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Speakers for my music/theater room
« on: 27 Jan 2011, 12:06 am »
Hey guys!

I am looking to have a dedicated HT/Music setup when I move and I am trying to do the planning now. Right now I have a Yamaha yht-393bl HTIB that I bought on black friday. I already want to upgrade lol... I can probably get by using the two surrounds for now but I definitely need new mains, center, and sub. The mains I want to be good for HT but I really need them to be great for music and have great detail and imaging/soundstage (speakers disappear). I will mostly use my SET tube amp for music so I'm hoping there is a way to switch easily between that and the receiver when watching a movie.
If my receiver I have now will work let me know, but I want something that can upconvert and can play the best audio.
My budget is as follows, but it is flexible if it needs to be.
Mains - About $1000
Center - No idea...$400? I do want dialogue that is clear. I care more about this almost over sound effects.
Sub - Was thinking about getting a BIC america f12?
Receiver - No idea here either really... $300? Something that can change speaker level/ distance/etc automatically?

Main speakers I was really considering were the Zu audio Omen and tekton lores. Any suggestions are welcome though! I Know a few here have the zu omens. How do you feel about them after having them for awhile? Has anyone compared to the lores yet?
Thanks guys!