Trombone Shorty

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Trombone Shorty
« on: 12 Jan 2011, 01:22 am »
Can anyone tell me anything about Trombone Shorty? I was listening to NPR, and I do not recall what program, but they featured "Hurricane season" by Trombone Shorty and I am hypnotized by the blend of urban sounds and traditional jazz plus jazz fusion. I am trying to find the CD and so far I find MP3 downloads ... bummer!! I will apreciate any leads!!


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Re: Trombone Shorty
« Reply #2 on: 12 Jan 2011, 01:59 am »
Trombone Shorty: Backatown (2010)

It's the only album of his that I have.    SAMPLES   
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Re: Trombone Shorty
« Reply #3 on: 12 Jan 2011, 05:14 pm »
Started off very young doing traditional New Orleans, now he's still New Orleans, but much more modern.  I've seen him live twice and both were great shows.  I also have his new release and like it a lot.

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Re: Trombone Shorty
« Reply #4 on: 12 Jan 2011, 07:18 pm »
He's also an incredible trumpet player, and is likely proficient on other instruments as well. Just a naturally-talented musician.


Re: Trombone Shorty
« Reply #5 on: 13 Jan 2011, 01:40 am »
That's  great album. Blending traditional and modern New Orleans sounds into what seems to be a fairly new form. Part jazz, part pop. good stuff there.


Re: Trombone Shorty
« Reply #6 on: 13 Jan 2011, 02:15 am »
Thanks for posting this, I'll be ordering Backatown right away.  :thumb:

You might want to check out Bonearma. Scott F. in St. Louis turned me on to these guys and I was not ready for this to pop out of the speakers. :)


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Re: Trombone Shorty
« Reply #7 on: 13 Jan 2011, 06:45 pm »
You guys got my curiosity up. Trombone is a really hard ax to swing with. Sure, big bands have trombone sections, but over the years there have been relatively few outstanding trombone soloists. And doubling up on trumpet? That's amazing. Big difference in mouthpieces.


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Re: Trombone Shorty
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One of the best known "doubles" active now is James Morrison-trombone and trumpet.Also active is Dan Barrett,known for his superb trombone work and he is also a very competent Cornet player. In the great beyond lurks the other valve misfits like Betty O' Hara-double bell euphonium.Dick Cary-Alto Horn and Cy Touff-Bass trumpet.Chances are you would have to visit a lot of pawn shops to find those horns.