Vibration control for a lightweight turntable on spikes

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The turntable is a Celaraudio Concept, which weights only 16.5 pounds. It comes with spikes, which Clearaudio thinks is best for all of its turntables, so I would like to keep them.

At the moment it sits atop a sandbox with mdf top, which sits on wood floor glued on concrete slab. Sonically, I don't have any complaints about this solution, except that the turntable is very close to the floor, so it seems to be inviting my children or a visitor to stumble on it.

I have then decided to move the turntable to the top shelf of the audio rack. I would like to try one of Herbies solutions, based on the reputation of the company as well as the superb support provided on this forum. Also, Steve's approach of not-too-stiff-but-too-squishy is compatible with my experience (and as far as I can see, with the Clearaudio design philosophy).

The question is which product or combination of products to use. The Grungebuster Isoballs are designed speficically for turntables, but as said above, I would like to continue using spikes, which is what Clearaudio recommends for its turntables. There are bases for spikes one the Herbies web site, but those are for speakers, where the type of vibration control needed is totally different.

I'd like to keep the cost under $100, but aesthetics is important.



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Re: Vibration control for a lightweight turntable on spikes
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Hi, Jose. Herbie's Grounding Bases are ideal for just about any application where spikes or cones are used except on carpet (where you would use Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders). They are featured on our website not only with loudspeaker decoupling products but also with component isolation and turntable feet. We have lots of customers using Grounding Bases under cone or spike turntable feet.

An excerpt from the website Turntable Feet page:

Small grounding base is ideal for small/medium-size turntables and relatively mild vibrational conditions. Medium base is superb for all turntables using cones. Large base is recommended for more severe vibrational conditions and very heavy weight load. Grounding bases are not weight-specific, however, and any of the bases can be used effectively under a wide variety of conditions.
Cone/Spike Grounding Base
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