Same or different?

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Same or different?
« on: 14 Mar 2004, 10:18 pm »
I know I asked on this site about a 7.1 setup and the response was that it really was not worth it, but I'm going to go ahead and give it a try anyway. I already have a pair of speakers for the rear that will match my existing setup. Now I am wondering about amplification. I have a Rotel RMB1095 that is now powering the entire system. I am thinking about trying one of two things:
Moving the Rotel to the center and surround duties and purchasing a RB1090 (385wpc x 2) to power the main speakers (Paradigm Studio 100v2) or,
Instead of buying the Rotel to power the mains, go with a higher quality amp from someone like Odyssey or Van Alstine
The thought here is getting a better main amp to improve 2-channel listening. What I'm not sure of is,  will having two differently voiced amps mess up my theater and multi channel listening experience?