old epi m50- speakers

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old epi m50- speakers
« on: 9 Dec 2010, 04:59 pm »
I just picked up a pr. of these at a thrift store.  i think the surrounds are
foam but they are nicely intact.
sounded dull, until replacing the xover cap with a 10 mfd soniccraft.
Wow, what a difference!

the bass is first rate when you get them away from the walls and floor.
the boxes are too small so get them away from the wall or you will have
too much bass at some of the lower frequencies.  Not boomy, just too much.

best with a solid state amp.  don't try these in a large room with difficult
material at high volumes. 

other than that, here we have a moniter to compete with the little Rogers
of the past.  No shit.  beats the living daylights out of a recapped Dynaco
a25 or a epi100, and alot of other speakers.  Smoother than my custom
Fostexs and will go just as loud. Better grip in the bass too.  Much smoother
highs but not as efficient (89 vs. 93 db./watt).

the m60 is the same vol. cab and should sound the same.  if you want to put
these speakers close to a wall put the drivers in a 50% larger box. best to
maximize the front baffle in width and height so as to decrease the baffle step loss.

again, these are VERY good sounding speakers. 


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Re: old epi m50- speakers
« Reply #1 on: 10 Dec 2010, 08:51 am »

At one point i owned 4 pr of EPI 50s.