Customer service is as important as the equiptment ... share your experiences !

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     I was inspired to start this thread because of the absolutely wonderful customer service I am receiving from Ian Grant of Grants Fidelity ! After exchanging e-mails dealing with some questions about a piece of kit I bought he actually took the time to call me on the phone and explain what i should do ... he really cares about his customers!

 Have you gotten especially good customer service when purchasing high grade audio equipment? Something out of the ordinary?

   Share your experiences !
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Something tells me that the "terribly bad customer service" posts are just going to end up violating AC's "No Dirty Laundry" policy.


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Hi Srb ... I have modified the OP so people will discuss only positive experiences. Sorry i did not know about the "dirty laundry" parameter.


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  Yes. Classe replaced output devices for me, while there they installed new trannies for free. Brtyston, replaced parts at no cost and was second owner.
  Andy at Vintage Tube Service replaced at no cost NOS tubes that failed 10 months after purchase. A class act. Consonance provided me with [6] new trannies at cost after the new 211 tube failed and fried my amp 5 years after purchase.
 Rachel at Grant Fidelity was responsible for helping me out. She went overboard to do so.

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Wyred 4 Sound...totally way and beyond usual service and generosity. Ditto for John P. of KCI coolcables. These two stand out from the pack in my experience. Fortunately I don't have things go wrong very often, so here I'm talking about general service and upgrading. Oh yes; must'nt forget a thumbs up for Michel Mardis.


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Martin Logan.

I bought an amp on A'gon, and while getting used to it I heard a terrible electrical arc through my Martin-Logan Quests.  I hauled the circuit boards 4 hours to the ML factory in Lawrence, KS, and threw myself at their mercy.  The gave me a tour of the place, put the boards through their paces while I watched.  Determined that my panels were shot, sold me a new pair at a great price, and gave me detailed instructions on swapping them out, all in about 2 hours or less.  And I wasn't even the original owner.  Great folks!


I have a few outstanding examples.

1. Mike Dzurko at ACI. When I first purchased my Jag LFM combo one of the plate amps in the LFM's had an issue. He drove a new amp down from Lacrosse Wi to my home which was then north of Chicago and replaced it. Amazing

2. Steve Sammett of SAS audion. A true gentleman if ever there was one.

3. Joe Jurzek of Jammin Joe Audio near Chicago. We became friends through the audio hobby

4. Dan Wright of Modwright. When I sent him my Sony 5400 for the mod, it came back to me DOA. The issue was not with Dan's work. A Sony connection came lose during shipping. Dan paid for return shipping an fixed it free of charge. What a guy

David C

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I purchased amps and a pre amp from Nuforce in the UK. I am moving back to the US and ordered US mains plugs for all three and Nuforce shipped them to me with no charge. A really nice touch from Jason and crew :D


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Dan Wright of Modwright.  A+.
Mark Sammut of Reno Hifi.  A+.


Danny Richie, GR Research A+  :thumb:



Another positive experience with Martin Logan. I bought a pair of Theos from Paradyme Audio. They sounded great for a few days, then I started hearing this hissing/spitting sound. After a closer inspection than I gave them when they arrived, I noticed a small but rather deep dent in one of the panels. Now, I suppose I or my wife (possibly our cat) could have inadvertently damaged it, but I doubt it. Paradyme called ML and they sent me a new pair, no questions asked. That's pretty good service!

Phil A

4. Dan Wright of Modwright. When I sent him my Sony 5400 for the mod, it came back to me DOA. The issue was not with Dan's work. A Sony connection came lose during shipping. Dan paid for return shipping an fixed it free of charge. What a guy

+ 1 on that - been a customer of Dan's for probably 15 years.


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+ 1 on that - been a customer of Dan's for probably 15 years.

+2 - Dan's a great guy and never leaves an email gathering dust. Fantastic support.


+3 for Dan Wright
+2 another one for Danny Ritchie


+4 Dan Wright

Rogue Audio - always available, always helpful.

Guy 13

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...for Danny Ritchie.

Guy 13
on planet Vietnam.

Ern Dog

I'd say Jim Salk is as good as it gets.  He helped me trouble shoot and resolve issues that required lots of time and patience.

I've also had excellent customer service from Dan Wright.


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I have to give thumbs up to 4 companies.

1.  Jim Salk provides outstanding customer support.  He was very patient with me helping with many setup questions I had with my new Salkstream.

2.  Recently one channel in my Parasound Classic 5250 amp started distorting.  Depsite the fact that it was well out of warranty, Parasound sent me a new power module at no charge (thank you Richard and Tony!).  It's now performing like new again.
3.  I also received outstanding service before and after the sale from AJ at Soundfield Audio.  I'm still enjoying my Monitor 1 speakers.  Thanks AJ!

4.  Amazing service from Power Sound Audio as well.  Tom has more patience than I'll ever!  I know I asked a bazillion questions before finally deciding on a sub.

It's nice to know excellent service can still be found. :D

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Vinnie Rossi the best ever :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:


Mike at MJM Sound in the St. Louis
He is the only person that I want working on my equipment!
He is quick and very fair with his pricing. 
I trust him with my equipment.