The BlindStone OB

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Re: The BlindStone OB
« Reply #40 on: 11 May 2011, 02:56 pm »
Thank you guys !

Part from magnet mount would be a very good idea for the IB15s and still better their performance,
I am really enjoying a top class sound by these OBs.



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« Reply #41 on: 3 Nov 2011, 05:27 am »
Hello Erling,

I hope you don't mind me bringing your topic back up for discussion.

I was wondering if you could share the rest of your equipment.  I am very interested to know what amps you are using to power the different drivers.

How do you handle volume control?

What about digital sources? 

Do you use a computer or cd player transport or something else to feed the DCX?

I used a system with a DCX2496 but it was several years ago.

Have you made any improvements since the last post.  You have created a really interesting looking speaker design.




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« Reply #42 on: 4 Nov 2011, 03:28 pm »
I nowadays play with a laptop computer, either via Itunes or Airfoil, so master volume control is in these applications.
I am quite happy with the wireless connection of the Apple Airport router, which feeds digital fiber directly into my SRC2496 Behringer unit where
the digital stream is upsampled to 24bits 96 kHz before entering the DCX2496. Then filters are applied before going analogue 6 channel out.

Here is a photo of the setup: Router on top, the Behringer units, the two Trends T-amps for midrange and treble and on the floor NAD 216 power amp for the Bass. Other units are my Sony CD player, a Nad preamp used for feeding the power amp and an old Sony Tuner. On top just a bit visible is the good old DUAL vinyl player. If I listen to analogue sources the main volume is on the SRC2496.

I listen a lot to Norwegian Radio Classic music transmission over Internet. They use 384 kBit/s flows which ensure very high quality all the time. Listening to live recordings from them are a pure joy. This is what it is like going via Airfoil. A Print Screen from the Laptop:



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Re: The BlindStone OB
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Scorpion nice...

Nick some buzz for minidsp on diyaudio

I thinks  the  usb asyn. + ess multidac + xover software on pc is the way...