New Dayton RSS315/Usher 9950 Passive Dipole, 2-way

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This was a fun weekend project with some spare drivers. Sounds much better than it has the right to. The Dayton RSS315HF 12" woofer is vertically and horizontally centered on a 15" x 24" baffle. The Usher 9950-20 1 1/8" dome tweeter is offset and mirror imaged.

Much time was spent getting the woofer to sound right. This included an LCR trap across the poles, an odd topology and some much needed attenuation on the tweeter. The Dayton's upper roll off begins at 900Hz LR2. The tweeter is crossed at 1800Hz and attenuated 9dB. Surprisingly it all comes together fairly well, with not much of a deficit in the critical midrange. The Dayton's break-up is kept in check and there is no ringing. Instruments such as piano and guitar have the proper weight and sound polite. Efficiency is on the low side, yet driven nicely with a NAD 315BEE at 40 wpc. The baffles are designed to be stand mounted 20 inches off the floor. This centers the woofer at about 32" and the tweeter around 40". Imaging is impressive and dynamics are high. The Usher continues to impress in almost all designs to date.   


Re: New Dayton RSS315/Usher 9950 Passive Dipole, 2-way
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I had a pair of those Usher's years ago, excellent tweeters.

One thing to consider, is that once you stand mount the baffles, you may want to play around with adding a solid front baffle all the way to the floor, the increased bass may interest you.