Dakiom A103 & R103

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Dakiom A103 & R103
« on: 7 Mar 2004, 08:23 pm »
After reading all what everyone had to say here about these I decided I'd give them a shot, and got two of the R103 and two of the A103s.  My amp's speaker binding posts are too far away from each other to use just one A103 and the R103's are placed after my Scott Nixon Tubedac and after my Philly Audio 7b preamp.  The rest of my system consists of Sony DVP-S7700 transport (modified by me), Odyssey Stratos Stereo Extreme amp, Odyssey Lorelei speakers, Groneberg TS Premium cables, Stereovox HDXV digital cable.  Also in the mix are a couple Tritium Triphazers.

I listened for a little while prior to putting in the Dakiom goods.  When I sat back down after putting them in the chain and listened to the same songs again, I noticed things but it was subtle.  The major thing I noticed is that I really felt like turning it up louder now.  Not because I needed to, but because I could.  Things were cleaner, quieter, but more real and natural, I hate to say softer but it was softer, in a good way though.  The detail was still there as was the placement and soundstaging but things seemed quieter in the background.  Oddly, to me anyway, the desire to turn the volume up depended on the song.  It seemed as though things that were recorded well really really benefit from these, while other songs that may have not been so lucky during the recording process - turning them up just emphasized their warts.  To me, they seem to definately add something good to the chain and the resulting product getting to my ears is more pleasing.  That's a good thing, and for the relatively low cost, it makes much more of an improvement than other things in that price range, like any of a zillion isolation devices, or some cable swaps I've done.  It's not on par with Isolation transformers or room treatments, but I'm not sending them back and would suggest you give them a listen to see what you think with your gear!