PFO's Robert Levi calls Dan "a young genius.." and calls room "Best of Show"

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From Robert Levi's Best of RMAF article:
"No doubt in my mind, the Daedalus DARMa Reference Monitors ($8595) in the ModWright room were speakers you could take home to mother! Detailed, warm, linear, rich, and truly amazing, I thought they cost $15,000! What a deal! Plus, ModWright electronics never sounded more fabulous. The ModWright Sony XA5400 with Ultimate Truth Mod ($3500) and a steal of steals, the LS 100 Linestage plus phono stage, ($3295+750), and the KWA 100SE power amp ($3995), was simply the deal of the century. The Soundstring Cable Technologies were used throughout to great effect.

Dan Wright is a young genius who may not yet have reached his real greatness. So far, he has designed extraordinary gear and each generation just leap frogs the last. This system is a class act and a wondrous great deal for any audiophile. The Daedalus speakers were stunning. They did a disappearing act you must hear for yourself.

In this real world price category, the ModWright Daedalus room was truly Best of Show."

This is covered in Lou's Daedalus Circle as well, but I thought Dan and us Modwright owners would like to read this too.   :thumb:

Congrats Dan, Lou and all.


Yes in deed and well deserved. Congratulations! :thumb:


Congrats, and he's a really nice guy. 


Is the term young relative 8)


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Dan and your team at ModWright,

Congratulations on the recognition by Positive Feedback!


Thanks guys.  I'm 40 years old, so I don't know that I would consider myself young, but perhaps younger than many of the high-end audio business owners and designers out there today.

Take care,

Dan Wright
ModWright Instruments Inc.
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Daedalus Audio

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ahhh 40. old enough to know better and young enough to do something about it.  enjoy the compliments you deserve them my young friend!


"...old enough to know better and young enough to do something about it..." It IS a conundrum isn't it!   8)

I like to to think that I am old enough to have learned from my mistakes and young enough to still benefit from this knowledge.  I guess only time will tell! :D

Thanks and take care!