mass loading of speaker /stand system

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mass loading of speaker /stand system
« on: 28 Feb 2004, 04:17 am »
Someone on the 3A owners site asked how to increase the mass loading of thier speaker/stand system. I will past the response that I posted there as I believe that it will be of interest to those here with metal stands. For thoes of you fortunate to own Noel Nolan's Skylan stands a similar mod can be made to your stand with a couple of machine screw inserts and a couple of holes. Noel will be happy to set up new stands with a three spike base if you so request. Here is the post. I would be interested in thoughts or comments on this suggestion. I have been doing this on stands racks and floor mounted speakers for years with never a case where there was not a significant benefit.
   You can increase the massloading of your speaker/stand system by a significant precent for almost no cost. You will also make the performance and adjustment of your speaker/stand much easier to do at the same time.
   No this is not a mass multipier scam but it is as close to free extra mass as you will ever come and your system will be the betterr for the change! Find a buddy with a drill who also owns a 1/4 - 20 tap and die set. Drill a single hole in the middle of the back edge of your stand about 1/2 inch in from the edge. Cut a 1/4 - 20  therad in each of these two holes. Now mount one of your threaded spikes int the new hole. Now your speaker stand has only three spikes and the mass load per spike has been greatly increased over the previous distribution of four spikes. Now your stand is sitting upon a fully and unconditionally stable tripod. You only ever need to adjust two spikes for full stand adjustment. The spike at the rear adjusts for and aft tilt while only one of the front spikes needs to be adjusted to set left to right tilt. Now experiment with ceramic or such cone devices (three per speaker bass) and have some fun. Please post to inform others of your findings. Best regards Moray James.