SongSurrounds (CAOW1's) in havana bamboo with matching stands - SOLD

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We produced a pair of SongTowers in "Havana" bamboo for a customer.  We then started working on a matching SongSub.  But we didn't have quite enough of this bamboo as the sheets are shorter than normal (and it is quite expensive).  When we finished the sub, we had some bamboo left over.  So we build a pair of SongSurrounds.

After finishing them, we still had some bamboo left.  So we decided to build some matching stands and it worked out that we used every last square inch of the bamboo.

Here are some pictures...

And a close up...

Havana bamboo is quite unique.  That has its benefits and drawbacks.  They certainly look great, but because very few people are aware of Havana bamboo, we might have to wait a long time for someone to order this specific finish.  So it's time to find them a home.

SongSurrounds are normally $899 in a standard veneer.  Custom stands would be about $400.  The bamboo for this project was $500.  So the total would normally be about $1800.

In this case, $1200 takes the SongSurrounds and the matching stands.  That is about 33% off of what these would cost if you ordered them custom.

And, if you are interested, we have a matching SongSub as well.

- Jim
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