Need help regarding Beatles Rock Band for Wii

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Need help regarding Beatles Rock Band for Wii
« on: 2 Sep 2010, 05:36 pm »

My wife and I had this awesome idea to get my son Beatles Rock Band for his birthday.  This would have been easy if we'd been using an X Box, or Playstation.  $139 at Best Buy would have given us a bundle including guitar, drums, microphone and game.   But it seems that Beatles Rock Band bundles for the Wii have been sold out, everywhere, for ages. 

Then I thought we could get a Rock Band 2 bundle, and just add the Beatles game.  But the Rock Band 2 bundles for Wii have been sold out just about everywhere for ages as well.   When they are available, they cost a LOT more than the equivalent for any of the other platforms.

I've looked into buying instruments separately:  but a single Rock Band 2 guitar ends up being $169, and the drum kits are expensive as well.  It seems that piecing your bundle together yourself is an expensive proposition.  Some other manufacturers produce instruments that are available more cheaply, but there's relatively little information about their quality relative to the rock band ones.

As if I wasn't confused enough, I then find out that Rock Band 3 is due to be released in a month or two.  At that time, I imagine there will be plenty of brand new RB3 bundles available for the Wii - but I have no idea about how these bundles get priced immediately after release.

So, in my position, how would you proceed?  Would you get the Beatles game and cheap off-brand guitar, and then wait for the RB3 bundle to be released?  Would you ignore non-RB instruments completely?  Would you go with a "slightly used/as new" RB2 bundle from an online seller, and add the Beatles game?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Need help regarding Beatles Rock Band for Wii
« Reply #1 on: 2 Sep 2010, 06:41 pm »
I suggest you google or, even better, youtube RB3.  They are shipping with new guitars, drums, and a keyboard.  If you want to go crazy, you can purchase an electronic drum set and incorporate it into the game.  Just saying... :thumb: