WYRED 4 SOUND P-1 Ultra Power Cables

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WYRED 4 SOUND P-1 Ultra Power Cables
« on: 22 Aug 2010, 02:57 pm »
In May I got a really good deal on a pair of W4S SX-500 monoblocks from genjamon(thanks!). They did not come with power cables so I used the 6ft, 14ga(est) cables that came with the AV123 X-Amps. Being a power cable sceptic I was happy with the improvement in SQ that the W4S amps provided over the X-Amps. Of course being the inveterate tweeker, I rationalised that the SX-500s really deserved some better cables. Inquiring at the W4S thread at AVS lead me to a reco for the W4S power cables that I had overlooked. What a better combo than W4S cables on W4S amps, and they wern't stratospherically  priced either.
      I've have had them for the recommended 150 burn in and I must say that they have improved the sound more than I would have imagined. All the standard improvements apply that one sees on power cable reviews, better sound stage, articulation, dynamics and low end impact. One of my reference discs, is the Assad brothers playing baroque transcriptions.
An exceptional recording with exceptional playing, I was able to hear the finger work on both the fretboard and strings more clearly. It seemed as if the recording was speeded up, the articulation was so immediate and discernable. It made me appreciate the virtuocity of the Assads even more.
   As the amps only work from 80hz on up, it seems as if the upper bass and lower mids are better fleshed out as the harmonics of the bass is more present giving the impression of more bass impact. I was not expecting this. All genres benifit from this ability.
    With my setup, these cables offered a reasonable improvement for the money. Investigating PCs for the other components now.  :duh: