Ascend Acoustics CMT-340 promotion. 15% off with a TWO.2 combo!

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This is exciting stuff.  You know how pumped I am about Ascend Acoustics speakers.  These things are just unbeatable for the money.

For $800 you just can't find a better sounding rig than the CMT-340 + TWO.2. It can't be done.

Here's what the 170s look like next to my little ONE.2.

This is what I listen to every day.  It's sweet.  Really sweet.

Let me know how you like 'em!



I Recommended the 170s (after relentless research for highly efficent - affordable but excellent speakers) to a friend a few yrs back to go w his org T-amp, they sound very fine indeed- I was very impressed! Now if I can just get him to get a Virtue Amp his brain would certainly melt.

I am still completely thrilled with my 2 V1s as mono amps used with a TVC, they completely blow away my old (1,800.) Jolida 1000a 100x2 PP tube amp, they loose none of the organic feel and warmth of the big tube amp but find all the missing detail and serve it up in a fashion that is very, very real in comparison while never harsh.

My next amp will certainly be another Virtue simple because of:

Seth's integrity and pioneering spirit
product build quality + sound quality that is simply amazing.
no care and feeding of a hot tube amp that was about 60% as good.
small is good very very good.