New E-mail Address

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John Chapman

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New E-mail Address
« on: 30 Jun 2010, 10:04 pm »

After about 10 years my e-mail has found it's way on to too many junk lists.  Having it not jumbled in some way on my web page makes it easy to find for the 'bots' I gather and I'll fix that when I update it on the page soon.  Also I gather using auto-reply when I am away can flag the e-mail as alive for the automatic list builders.

Sorry for the hassle of the change but the junk seems to be growing exponentially - not too bad a few years ago but getting crazier and crazier this year - several hundred a day now.... I have not run a filter to be sure I always get all e-mails sent but now with all the junk I likely miss some in my aggressive manual filtering!

New e-mail will be johnc at - with 'at' replaced with @ and with no spaces.

The old mail will be checked for at least a few more weeks anyway.