Azek (composite) decking

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Azek (composite) decking
« on: 13 Jun 2010, 12:51 pm »
We need to replace the surface of our backyard cedar deck. It's about 11-12 years old and is spongy in some places. I'm tired of staining it each year and we are looking at the composite materials instead. Yeah, they are more expensive than wood, but a yearly power wash is all the maintenance they need and I'm getting too old to stain it every year. No, we don't really want Ipe either, because it requires oiling every 6 months.

- Trex has the name brand but a lousy reputation. We have a damp and dirty backyard (trees) and that's a recipe for disaster with Trex.

- Timberline comes recommended but there's a lot of complaints on about it molding out quickly. And the colors/line we like is not supposed to be used around a pool. Plus it seems to scratch easily.

- Evergrain is on our front porch and we love it, but can't find it anywhere anymore. Not a good sign.

- Azek is a newer product and apparently 100% PVC with none of the wood fiber found in all the other composite decking materials. It's this wood pulp that absorbs moisture and causes mold spots. Plus the new colors really look as good if not better than the other brands. However it is somewhat new and there's not a lot of history on how it holds up yet.

Anyone have a composite deck? Any stories to report? Any experience with Azek?


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Re: Azek (composite) decking
« Reply #1 on: 13 Jun 2010, 01:38 pm »
I dont have experience with Azek but we are having a new deck built with it after much research. My research is along the same lines as in your note. It can also be put down with a screw system that allows all of the screws to be plugged so that you do not see any of them. There is also a wide range of ballisters and railngs that match.

Good luck and I will post back when the deck is completed



Re: Azek (composite) decking
« Reply #2 on: 13 Jun 2010, 04:04 pm »
I think we're going to keep the wood rail and just replace the top board on it. The composite rails are hugely expensive, at about $400 per section. I will stain it to match the decking.

We're leaning toward a Morado deck with an Acacia border, kind of like "picture framing" it all around. The rail will be stained to match the Acacia (Home Depo's Behr "coffee" color matched it perfectly). Of course these new colors are more expensive than the standard ones.

What color are you going with. I'd love to see pictures once it is done.

Good luck with your project.