FS: Decware Select SE84cs custom made by Eddie Vaughn

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Voiced by Eddie Vaughn of Vaughn Audio and Steve Deckert.
Eddie did a couple of rounds of modifications to this amp to my taste, last given to Steve Deckert for a socket change and final voicing. He gave it a “custom” designation, reinstated its warranty, said it was; “one hell of a sounding Select” he also implemented some changes to his production model based on some mods done to this amp. Its certainly a one-off model from Decware. It was originally manufactured in 2001 but has been completely rebuilt and is in like new condition with maybe 2 years of usage on all new parts.

• RelCap TFT Exotica Teflon caps, they are the richest, sweetest, and highest resolution caps made, hands down, bar none, with microdetail galore. They're as far above the Jensen copper foil in oils as the Jensens are above the Wimas.
• Tantalum grid stopper resistors, They are both sweeter sounding and offer better microdetail than the stock Riken  resistors.
• Polypropylene replacements for PSU electrolytics
• Black Gate bypass cap (fastcaps) & Riken resistor
• and a few other changes made by Eddie V. and Steve D.

I had the amp voiced for EL84’s, bias setting have been changed to complement these tube types. Silver wire used in many parts of the amp including the rear volume control inputs. Front inputs are direct coupled.
This amp is very fast, dynamic and throws a giant soundstage. Micro detail and nuance is superb.
The EL84/GZ32 combo adds richness and weight, while the SV83/5U5G combo offer sheer detail and crispness. Since the amp was made to be fast and crisp with the EL84’s, its my favorite compo but depending on the music selection then SV83’s can sound wonderful.

The amp includes original boxing and documentation form Decware.
I will include a couple of tube assortments;
(2) EI Elite EL84EG’s (early 90’s pre-war made NOS)
GZ32 (CV593) 1967 British made (NOS)
(6) SV83’s (NOS)
RCA 5U4G test good.
(2) Ruby 5U4G (new)
Sovtek 6N1P (new)
Sovtek 6922 (new)

Asking: make an offer
 This amp will easily outperform Decwares newest SE84ZS.

Will Include headphone adapter.

*I also have a custom made pair of Parker Audio Model 95 Signatures. Cabinets made by ZIGI (Bob Z.), maker of all Decware Speakers. These Parkers are MTM design and was told my Bob (designer) that they easily outperform the Decware Model MG944 speaker.  Dave at Parker made custom ribbon wiring for me. Speaker is absolutely superb and a beautiful match to any small SET amp or similar. Natural Maple finish, Black Lacquer front baffle and rear. Also have a custom made set of pedestals that allow the spear to be raised about a floor and a half for placement behind a desk or mixing console .


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