Daedalus DA-RMa in the UK

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Daedalus DA-RMa in the UK
« on: 6 May 2010, 07:18 pm »
 I am happy to have taken delivery of my DA-RMa's this week. They are already well run in, as Lou has been developing the new crossover with them. It has been a long wait, but worth it. As the Stereotimes review alluded to, they really do sound as good as they look, which is saying something.  Even my wife likes the look of them, which is saying something, as she thinks all HiFi is large, ugly and in the way. She does'nt care about the sound of course, only how they look. They are supprisingly unobtrusive, important , with the smaller rooms we tend to have in our cramped island.

   The point of the thread is to say, that if any of you British or even European enthusiasts have been looking at Daedalus with interest for a few years, like I have, now is an opportunity to hear them and you do'nt have to go to the US to do it, as I did. Send me a private message and we can sort out an audition. I live in Oxfordshire, south of Oxford, by the way.

   There is a reason why you might want to do that in the fairly near future, as I will be trying to help Lou find a distributor over here. That wo'nt happen tomorrow, but if it does, any sales would have to go through them, so pushing the cost up by their margin, of course.



Re: Daedalus DA-RMa in the UK
« Reply #1 on: 7 May 2010, 07:29 pm »
 I have added some photos on the New Polycap crossover thread.