computer viruses

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computer viruses
« on: 9 Feb 2004, 01:43 pm »
Hi everyone,

A little off topic, but I want to share an experience I have had with computer viruses and give a major plug to Dell for the great customer service they have. Lately I been bombarded with e-mail viruses and my computer has crashed a few times. The first time they helped me and they got it back running again. Then it happened 2 more times and I had thought it was beyond repair. It basically was my fault as I hadn't updated the software and opened the e-mails that had the viruses. I called Dell again and at this time the computer wouldn't even boot up. My service contract was over and they still took care of me and I don't know how but they got it back running again. This scared me because all the info and the website I thought was lost. I did take the advise they gave me and installed the latest Norton software and made back ups of my info. I still get about 2 viruse e-mailes a day and the software catches them.

Many thanks to Dell for there great customer service.

Thanks and talk to you soon,