Right amp for PMC FB1

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Right amp for PMC FB1
« on: 7 Feb 2004, 11:06 pm »
Probably a dumb question given the known synergy between PMC and Bryston.

I auditioned FB1s a while ago with my amp (Cyrus 7+PSX/R) and was blown away by them. I'll plan on purchasing these soon.

In order to get the most out of it, I'd probably purchase a Bryston amp, however
- If I get the B60R, I'd almost feel like its a side-grade (60w for 60w) and its not really that much more expensive than my existing amplification
- The BP25/3BSST combo where I live (Oz) is twice the price of the speakers, which almost makes this a mismatch

Can I get away with just using the Cyrus as amplification? Another option is to use that as a pre and the 3BSST as a power, and save up later for the BP25. But would the Cyrus stack up as a pre?

Or... wait for the integrated based on the BP25/3BSST? Wonder how it'll fit price-wise in the Bryston line-up though. I'd assume cheaper that BP25+3BSST.


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Right amp for PMC FB1
« Reply #1 on: 9 Feb 2004, 10:58 pm »

Perhaps you could use your old integrated as a pre-amp, by a used 3B-ST, save up, buy a used BP-25,  sell your old integrated, save up, buy a 4B-SST, sell the 3B-ST, send in your BP-25 for the DA upgrade.

I don't think the B60R would have enough power for your FB-1s.


Right amp for PMC FB1
« Reply #2 on: 10 Feb 2004, 03:34 am »
My dealer seems to think that the SimAudio I-5 could work (heresy??). Gonna have a listen anyway.

Although old amp as pre -> 3bsst could be another option, and is affordable for me.