from the cheap seats-budget dvd/cdp

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from the cheap seats-budget dvd/cdp
« on: 2 Feb 2004, 11:11 pm »
bought my yamaha rxv1 used , my vmps large sub as a kit  w/cabinet, amps are used,main speakers are also diy with help from rick craig(ha he did all the work)
there i said it , now i can start my rant :o

i wanted a decent cd player without spending a ton of george ,digital players are changing so frickin fast its like comp chips a few years ago.
i also dont have my tempest pre yet so i wont buy a large$ cd till i get it.
add in the upsample thingy ect.

 have tried a few recently and thought i spew some crap about them in MY system :mrgreen:

first is the philips dvd727-80$
24-192,optical and coax, rca
this thing is awsome-sweet mids heavy bass,its almost 3d-like being on the stage. music surounds you litteraly :!:
except it- for a better term brain farts after its run all day-dave mathewes sounded like he was on helium singing with alvin and the chipmunks-but music didnt seem to change speed though :?:
didnt happen often but im a prick and wanted better.
no full controls on unit-use remote

second was the pioneer sacd player for 180$,
optical ,coax,rca
i thought this was the biggest piece of crap i ever bought-sound wise.
had nothing at all in my system, even let it brake in -dead and lifeless.

third ,philips 580m ,-117$
front loader well built.24-96 optical and coax,rca
very solid sound just not as good as the 727 in depth or steadyness of instruments.mids off slightly also---small size :mrgreen:

fourth a toshiba sd-3950-80$
24-192, coax no optical,rca
full controls on unit,loud loading door :o
depth isnt at the 727, it stops at about 15-20 rows out :smoke:
its very tight and the tempo appears better to me :singing: ,more pin point on instrument location and even the smallest sound has life-not one note,laser detail but not hard and harsh.
more detailed bass, tighter faster
-its the keeper :rock:

glad i never tried to do any upgrades to the 727 :D its going back with the others