To double check my setup on Frycleaner speaker wire burnin?

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Speaker Cable Burn-in

I have only used the unit to burn in single runs and want to make certain I can use the unit the way I have it setup.

I made up a few RCA's with wires coming out with Alagator clips attached and ID'd as Center Positive(Black) and Shell Negative (Red). I the run the Positive from the source using the center Allegator to the otherside and the Souce Negative to the other RCA Allegator which is soldered to the shell.

I am daisy chaining a few set right now using intermediate connectors between legs.

Hope that was written plainly enough.



To double check my setup on Frycleaner speaker wire burnin?
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Actually, it's not really clear to me what you did.  But maybe it's just the wine (sochu, in fact, a Korean spirit).

Easiest way is to just run current through the wire.  Short the far end of the speaker cable terminals together.  Now you have a loop.  Then drive near end of speaker cable with + and ground (your black and red) from one RCA jack.

You can do same but using + and - active signals to drive.  Or switch to voltage mode and remove short at far end.

jh :)