A new level of realism

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A new level of realism
« on: 10 Mar 2010, 09:21 pm »

I just purchased an Esoteric DV-50 universal player for my Salk HT3 and LSA signature amp. All I can say is Wow! These speaker reward you with incredible sound as you move up in the quality of your source components. I am playing Jacintha "Here's to Ben" on SACD and you would swear she is in the room. It almost makes you wanna cry the sound is that good.

The Salk speakers brings another of level of realism that I might charge admission to those who come for a visit to my home (kidding).

Once again it reinforces my decision to go a little past my budget to acquire these gems. I can only imagine how good the HT4 must sound like. Jim please keep on making the best speakers in the world.



Re: A new level of realism
« Reply #1 on: 10 Mar 2010, 10:13 pm »
Very cool, thank you for sharing your experience.  I agree: Jim does make the best speakers (and Dennis makes the best crossovers). 


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Re: A new level of realism
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I have read good things about both those items, glad you like it sir  :thumb:.