Ridge Street Audio Designs 2004 Winter/Spring Promo...

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Robert C. Schult

Okay, I just took one breath at "Critics Circle" and now I'll take another one here.

Just posted a few classifieds and thought they might be of interest to you.

If you're a member of this forum, please deduct an additional 3% on the purchase of two or more items and, as a thank you, we'll include one of two CDs on us to help get ya Dancin'...right Lonewolf?! If you're not a member, then join Dammit! This is a great site! I almost feel like 3% is an insult and I know it's not huge but it's the best I can do. Hope it helps at least a little.

Be sure to mention you're a member when you place your order.

Links are as follows


Midnight Silver Edition Gen.II


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Ridge Street Audio Designs 2004 Winter/Spring Promo...
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What ,... no dance'in shoes with this promo ?  :dance:................... :lol: