Needed for Barco 701 S

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Needed for Barco 701 S
« on: 25 Jan 2004, 01:43 am »
It looks like my blue and green CRT's are due replacement. I have been searching for either a place I could send them to be rebuilt (I have one set of spares) or purchase new ones.

It has been a number of years since I have needed this but even though the picture is still "not bad" it is not what it could be. Last time I checked, Barco wanted about 2.5 times more for these than they were obtained for but the company I got the spares from has "obsoleted" them.

Here are the numbers:

Barco number:9718  7622075
T-180 is the Toshiba number.

Have these things really almost tripled in price?

I am hoping for about 300 per...Not 700 to 1100 per.

Just looking for a good source. Thanks in advance.