Need a clue

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Need a clue
« on: 22 Jan 2004, 09:37 pm »
Has anyone compared the Grande 6's to Proac Response 1sc's?  I'm interested in the speaker voicing, not the efficiency change.


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Need a clue
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jan 2004, 11:21 pm »
Well i see there aren't any responses so I'll chime in.  I'm not exactly sure what you mean by voicing? and perhaps anyway I didn't get a chance to fully flush this variable out.

I only heard the proac's 2.5 I believe it was.  It is a very nice sounding speaker. It sounds musical. By this I mean that nearly all the music sounds good on it.

It was used and I might have gotten it if the seller was willing to bargain more. I have multiple systems and I could have fit it somewhere in the house.  But i didn't get them.

Is the speaker you're considering a 2 way like the 2.5?

I had brought a 300b with me to drive the proac and it did so well.  But I really don't feel it's a "set" speaker.  Even though a set can drive them and they sound fine, the speaker doesn't fully engage me like the Omega speaker.

I have the super 3's, and I've been waiting patiently on the delivery of the grande 8's (not from Louis).

Now that I know the super 3's, but I don't know the 8's yet, I'm glad I didn't get the proacs.

 It really depends on your cup of tea. But to me, the set sound with the Omegas is way more interesting.