Harbeth Super HL5 and McIntosh Amplification

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Harbeth Super HL5 and McIntosh Amplification
« on: 22 Dec 2009, 02:46 am »
Hello All-

I am currently debating a switch in amplification for my Harbeth Super HL5 (Anniversary Edition) Speakers.  I am currently bi-amplifying them via 2 McIntosh MC352's.  I know, right off the bat, that most will think that is overkill and I am not saying it isn't. These were the amplifiers that I had left over from my home theater, and after comparing a single unit, two bridged units, and the two in a bi-amp configuration, the later simply sounded the best.  I am concerned, however, that given the value of my amps I could be doing something else that would work better.  So, my question to all is this:

Would it be better to:

1) Keep it as is
2) Switch to a single MC402 saving $2000
3) Switch to a pair of MC2102's costing an extra $2000
4) Any other sugesstion

I have a McIntosh C2300 preamp that is fantastic and I will not switch, hence my main focus on McIntosh amplification, other then that I am open to all suggestions.

System is as follows:
McIntosh C2300 Tube Preamp
2 x McIntosh MC352 Solid State Amplifier
Harbeth Super HL5 Speakers, (Ann. Ed.) on Sound Anchor stands
Rega P5 Turntable, w/ TTPSU, Exact II Cartridge
Bryston BDA-1 DAC
MacBook Pro, all files AIFF 44.1khz/16bit or higher, optical out
Marchand XM9-LSAA, Custom 2 Way Balanced Crossover at 80Hz
JL Fathom F113 Subwoofer
Richard Gray's and Furman Power
Mogami, Tara Labs, and Straightwire Cables


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