Wall Repair Questions

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Wall Repair Questions
« on: 14 Dec 2009, 04:02 am »
I botched the installation of a mirror on a wall. The mounting method is via two keyholes on the back of the mirror. One hole is slightly off from where it needs to be located.

Is it possible to fill the hole with a something that would allow me to redrill the hole a quarter inch from the first and put in a molly or do I have start over in a slightly different location?

If it makes a difference, the house is pre-1900 and as best I can tell at some point wall board was put on top of the original plaster walls.


Re: Wall Repair Questions
« Reply #1 on: 14 Dec 2009, 04:30 am »
There is a product called Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty that I have used with good success, available at Ace, Lowes, etc.  Just mix with water to a putty consistency, press into your hole, and allow to dry for 24 hours.