Well Louis, how as the show?

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Well Louis, how as the show?
« on: 17 Jan 2004, 07:09 am »
You didn't bet the farm did you? :mrgreen:

Louis O

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Well Louis, how as the show?
« Reply #1 on: 19 Jan 2004, 02:32 pm »
Hi Bosh,

Thanks and I did a good job staying away from the slots, pretty hard to do as there everywhere. It was my first time in Vegas and I would go again. It was great to see and the food and shows are great. I lost a tiny amount of money. After working in the room and then going to dinner I was pretty tired.

The show was was good and I was happy I attended. It was a lot different than VSAC. I felt to businesslike and VSAC was more fun and laid back. Next time I will do few things differently. We had a lot of people sharing the room and the room was split in two. I wouldn't do this again. Also Audio Advancements took over half of the room which wasn't fair to Tom, Bill at Eastern, and the 2 bald guys. I felt bad for Harry and Kent from 2 Bald Guys Audio because the were snowed in in Portland and only made the last 2 days of the show. Traffic was good, but some exhibitors said it was slower than usual.

It was great meeting Bill from Eastern Electric and I was very impressed with the his electronics. The Eastern Electric gear is very good and great for the money. A lot of people were impressed with the synergy we had between the speakers and the electronics. Looks like Tom, Bill and I will be doing the Montreal show together.

Many thanks,