Modwright Transporter

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Modwright Transporter
« on: 1 Dec 2009, 04:18 am »
After considering the purchase of a single box CD players in the $3-6K price range from Esoteric and Ayre, I opted for a Modwright Transporter instead.  While I did have some initial reservations about the effort required to get the components of a computer based music server working, I read quite a few comments from people who had done it with no regrets.  Lou, also, provided encouragement, adding his own experience with this technology.

Before the MT arrived I completed the task of ripping my CD collection to my desktop computer's hard drive; doing a couple dozen or so CDs each day while at my computer doing other work.

Integrating the MT was relatively easy.  I did have one glitch where the MT was unable to connect to my wireless network but a quick call to Logitech's tech support resolved the issue in less than ten minutes.

So, how does it sound?  In a word, fantastic!  The music coming from my Ulysses speakers is wonderfully rich and full sounding with excellent soundstage width and depth.  Bass is tuneful with good extension and impact.  Highs are silky and smooth.  The MT has only a few hours of play on it but I'm hearing no harshness to the sound, even at a volume level higher than I typically would set.

Dan Wright was great to deal with.  He promptly answered all my questions and delivered the MT right on schedule.

All in all, moving to this technology was much easier than I thought and I'm very happy with the results.


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Re: Modwright Transporter
« Reply #1 on: 6 Jan 2010, 03:17 am »
I have used the Logitech Squeezeboxes and an unmodified Transporter for years.  This past year  I finally purchased the modified ModWright version of the Transporter.  All of my hard drive based music is in FLAC files.  The squeezeboxes sound fine.  The unmodified Transporter sounded great and I enjoyed it very much.  The modified Transporter is unbelievable.    I have heard the Ayre CD in an all Ayre system at a friend's house.  I like the modified Transporter significantly better than the pricier competition.    Having the access to Rhapsody and Pandora and internet radio as well as a ton of other music is a major advantage of the Squeezebox/Transporter equipment, too.   

I use Exact Audio Copy to rip the CD's I own to FLAC files.   I love this set-up.  I listen to LP's on a Nottingham Dais turntable 40% of the tiime and the modified Transporter the rest of the time. 

Every once in a while the server software is updated bringing more features and the user community is helpful.  I use the basic functionality of it and only dabble in the new features every now and then. This set up doesn't have the sex appeal of a Soolos with its touch screen interface, but the sound is better and all I will ever need for a hard drive based system.   

Right now my wife and I are celebrating the anniversary of our first date, listening to the modified Transporter, with a glass of red wine and almost two  decades of great memories to keep us warm.  I will fall asleep to a Parisian jazz station,  TSF Jazz.   

In short, great choice that ModWright Transporter.  Great choice.


Re: Modwright Transporter
« Reply #2 on: 6 Jan 2010, 05:22 am »
That's a nice post, Bo.  Especially the part about your wife falling asleep in your arms.  I mean I'm speechless.  I got the glass of red wine down, tho.