dbneutralizer + grungebuster: Ideal or overkill for metal platter?

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For someone using a turntable with a metal platter ...

Would a Way Excellent mat perform just as well as ...

A sheet of Dbneutralizer to dampen the platter resonance with a Grungebuster mat on top?

Certainly the latter is way more expensive. Perhaps overkill?


The white foam base of the Way Excellent II Turntable Mat is extemely efficient at damping platter resonance. A Way Excellent II Turntable Mat of sufficient thickness (3.7mm or more) will thoroughly decouple and isolate the record from a resonant metal platter.

A dBNeutralizer mat with grungebuster mat on top would not necessarily be overkill, and the result with some tables would be very good; with most tables though, it wouldn't be as good or better than a Way Excellent II, and would add a lot of weight to the platter.
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