Symphonic Line RG1 mk2 vs Odyssey Stratos Mono

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Symphonic Line RG1 mk2 vs Odyssey Stratos Mono
« on: 24 Nov 2009, 11:51 am »
Hi fellow inmates,

I have been driving a pair of Maggie 3.6 with a pair of Symphonic Line RG4 mk3. By accident I get hold of a Bryston 10B electronic cross over. I am tempted to explore into the lovely land of bi-amping the Maggie. Base on discussion with some senior Maggie inmates, I was told it is most ideal to bi-amp with two identical amps. However, getting another pair of Symphonic Line RG4 for this experiment is truly a mission impossible.

This far, I have located the following options,

1. A pair of Odyssey Strato Mono
2. A pretty aged Symphonic Line RG1 mk2

Below is RG1 mk4's spec from Symphonic Line's web page,

   Endverst?rker. Class A-B, 2x130 W sinus an 8 Ohm, Doppelmonoaufbau. ?bertragungsbereich:    
     2 Hz bis 400 Khz. D?mpfungsfaktor um 800. Mag kritische Lautsprecher. Massivgeh?use.    
     Edelglanzoberfl?che ?Aranya" / Chrom oder Alu / Silber / Schwarz. WBT-Klemmen und Buchsen.    
     Traditionsprodukt - kopiert - aber nicht erreicht! Liebt Problemlautsprecher,    
     testen Sie die RG 1. Hat oft geholfen. Umbau RG 1 auf RG 7 m?glich. Modifikationen ?lterer    
     Ger?te auf Anfrage. Abmessungen RG 1 - 4 - 7: 450 x 200 x 150 mm

I would like to get some opinion from you what would be a better option.

Currently, I plan to use the RG4 for the top end while the newly acquire amp would be dedicated for low end register.

Share your thoughts please.

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Re: Symphonic Line RG1 mk2 vs Odyssey Stratos Mono
« Reply #1 on: 24 Nov 2009, 01:34 pm »
You can't go wrong with the Stratos and they are inexpensive used.