Anyone with Venture Audio Speakers?

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Anyone with Venture Audio Speakers?
« on: 10 Nov 2009, 10:14 am »
Hi all, my first time posting here.

Has anyone heard venture audio speakers? I heard they were at the recent CES.

I heard the Venture Signature CR3 bookshelves (, paired with inexpensive M&K separates ($2000 total for pre and power), with inexpensive speaker cables (Euro 8/meter venture car audio speaker cables !!!), and a Lexicon DVD player (a DVD player, for God's sake!!) and they were far away the best sounding system I've heard in my life.

On the same period as I auditioned the ventures, I also auditioned much dearer (overall system-wise) Burmester bookshelves running on burmester electronics as well as Dali helicon 400 MKIIs on Mastersound 845 tube integrateds playing from a Moon CD player, all cabled with top end stereovox and Tara Labs cables. They sounded dull, dead and muddled by comparison.

Admittedly my vocation isn't an audio reviewer but 30 seconds into Giorgia Fumanti's Your Love ( on the ventures I had to literally hold back tears. The music was just so involving, haunting and beautiful. I've never had such a powerful reaction to a piece of music.

When I brought the CD home and expected a similar reaction, I was sorely disappointed. I wouldn't consider my current system to be lacking in any way. Frontend: Modwright transporter. Cabling: stealth metacarbon, acoustic zen absolute. Speaker: B&W Signature 805. My main amp is being shipped over, I'm currently using a spare integrated by way of NAD C320BEE ... :) surprisingly good for such an inexpensive amp.


I am currently considering an upgrade to my speakers either to the venture, which very few have heard and exhaustive search yields no online reviews to peruse, or potentially to an aether audio Timepiece 3, which a number of you rave on.
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