Dollar DVD player vs Dime DVD player.. any difference soon

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just wondering what the future holds for DVD? big question, i know.  How will a resonably priced DVD deck ((not totally cheapo bargin basement)) of say around £300 ($550) with Full i-link/HDMI for video and sound be anymore than we will ever need?? (ok maybe two months until the flood of fully digital connected players arrive at a very cheap price). Given the trend for the very cheapest players ((now iam talkng cheapo)) to have more features than the highend gear + soon to have bit for bit perfect digital connection for SACD/DVD-A/DTS24.96/HDCD/CD/MP3/..etc... and also a simular Direct Digital Video link to relevant display that will output higher resolutions (720p((near HD level im told with direct digital to plasma)) or upscale 1080i) on this cheapo equipment than has NOT* been avaliable on highend DVD players (which should have been IMO, and i may add not losing 1bit of data in the process) how can anyone start to take a view that one player is superior to another..? lets not forget.. now this technology is here it will be here for blue ray HD-DVD aswell.
Maybe the argument is for superior DAC`s in the Player??? hmm.. well it maybe true that these are better than a £300 (550$) recievers DAC`s on a highend unit but people do spend more on the reciever so it would be a closer comparison in reality...
ultimately even this argument falls down in 1years time... having experienced the panasoinc xr45 A/D conversion vs direct Digital.. there will be no reason for $$$$$ DVD players when cheap ones will pass full bandwith Audio/Video to digital reciever.. i think this is a great advancement.. and it make me wonder why manufactures are spending so time and effort on progresive scan via component video when its so clearly late.. and can any output 720p or 1080i like the DVI/HDMI interface.. this is a big step from 480 to 720 much more than the difference between 45$ component leads and 400$ leads...

any thoughts???