rat shack fusion cables

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rat shack fusion cables
« on: 7 Jan 2004, 09:37 pm »
bought some off ebay for 11$ instead of the 50$ price at the shack :mrgreen:

i used to have some zu oxyfuel cables (sold to a member and it appears the post office lost them :finger:10 days for 1st class so far )
 i purchased groneburg speaker wires from a member and  my sound changed-cant say how exactly-so i took out the super ultra expensive rat shack golds laying in the closet, i liked what i heard, switched back to my original speaker wires and the sound changed again. i have more top end detail with the shacks :mrgreen:
so i said fuck it -the groneburgs and  super ultra expensive rat shacks sounded real nice so i took the zu cables out and sold them .
saw the fusion at a good price on ebay so i grabbed a 6ft pair :mrgreen:
just hooked them up to my odyssey sub amps for breakin.

they are directional :?: and have a ferrite plug , quality connectors also-
after they breakin for a few days i'll try them on the main amps.

i now realize cables do make a difference, but also dont think $ equils better---its all about synergy baby.

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Re: rat shack fusion cables
« Reply #1 on: 7 Jan 2004, 11:02 pm »
Quote from: rosconey
...i now realize cables do make a difference, but also dont think $ equils better---its all about sinergy baby...
yeah, i agree that more $ does not always = better sound...it really is all about synergy and personal preference...

i had someone over at my place who wasn't convinced that digital cables made a difference so i swapped out my Onix GM cable and used a Rat Shack gold digital cable...he heard the difference all right...he PREFERRED the brighter sound of the Rat Shack! most folks have preferred the organic sound quality of the Onix over the others I have had so this was definitely a new one for me...just goes to show that synergy and preference are key!


rat shack fusion cables
« Reply #2 on: 8 Jan 2004, 11:44 am »
the rat shacks were bright with my def tech speakers, my 3.5 diy are soft dome mid and tweeter, the brightness if any with the rat shacks might help.
also found out my sub was a tad too loud , now that its nocked down a bit the mids are unreal and also more detail in the top :mrgreen: