O3 from N3

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O3 from N3
« on: 18 Oct 2009, 05:09 am »

My center channel is an X-Voce.   I have been building a pair of N3s but I really would like that open-baffle sound.  I just recently discovered the O3 as an option and it looks better.

I already built the N3 crossovers, which appear to be very different from the O3 design, so I would have to get new crossover components.  I also don't have the crossover the crossover schematics.

Is there a way to get the kit for the O3 less drivers,  and a suitable credit against the drivers?  If so, I can start working on the O3 cabinets ASAP.

HT cOz

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Re: O3 from N3
« Reply #1 on: 18 Oct 2009, 11:30 am »
I'm not totally sure but the N3 uses the deepcup Neo and two 16 ohm drivers. The O3 might be using the non deepcup Neo and the 8 ohm drivers.

Are you going to be able to place the O3 well away from the front and side walls?  It is like an OB design in that regard.

You might have to sell the N3 to change paths.

Hope this helps


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Re: O3 from N3
« Reply #2 on: 18 Oct 2009, 02:44 pm »
The only thing that those two speakers share is the tweeter.

That was a good question from Robert. Can you get the speaker at least 3 feet out from any walls? If not then stick with the N3.