new retail pricing in addition to direct

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new retail pricing in addition to direct
« on: 13 Oct 2009, 09:57 pm »
In response to several inquiries from overseas distributers I've posted retail as well as direct prices on the web site. here is a note I posted on the contact page as an explanation:
"The USA/Canada direct pricing reflects the savings of not using and supporting a dealer network. For international sales with the additional shipping, duties and other expenses, a dealer system is more desirable and the retail prices must reflect those expenses. These retail prices are also a fair value of the speakers when compared to most other systems here and abroad that are priced for a dealer network. Bottom line is in the USA these are only available direct, in regions where there are dealers/ distributors then I am glad to help you make your choice but please purchase from the dealer in your region."

I try to be fair with my pricing and the direct pricing I use reflects the discount of not having retail support etc., at the same time I have to establish a fair price for when these systems are sold in a retail network, especially overseas with all the associated costs.
as always I welcome comments and suggestions.