Armboard questions.

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Armboard questions.
« on: 21 Jan 2003, 12:32 am »
I want to modify a Technics 1200 with an Origin Live DJ OL1 tonearm, and an email back from them told me I would need an armboard to do this.

Is there, or was there ever a standard size, shape, or thickness for armboards?

I see some older and newer turntables with tonearms mounted on a circular base, and it looks as if they could be the same size as the one the technics tonearm is mounted on. I thought if this was a standard, maybe there was already a board I could buy that would drop right in where the old technics assembely used to be.

I do not have a 1200 that I can measure out as I havn't bought one yet (I do have a shitty gemini though thats pretty much the exact copy of the 1200), but I figure if there isn't a standard I'd be hard pressed to find an armboard pre-made for this table. In this case I'd have to make my own, and any information or links you could give me about how the armboards dimensions should relate in accordance to the tonearm or platter, or just any information on armboards in general, it'd be a great help. The email from origin live also said they could supply me with an armboard, and I'll see what size this is.