Wecome to Headphone Mania

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Wecome to Headphone Mania
« on: 16 Sep 2009, 10:28 pm »
Welcome to Headphone Mania. A Circle dedicated to the use of headphones and headamp's and all things headphone related.

If you want to talk about your latest headphone purchase or looking for advice on a pair of head phones to buy this is the place.

Headamp's  - solid state or tubed portable or desk top what's the best opp amp or what flavor of tube you like.   Mods to that favorite amp?

Have a favorite portable source or just looking for one we want to know about it

Know a killer mod that brings out the most in a pair of headphones or headamp this is the place to spill it.

And above all lets keep it friendly and keep your speakers close to your ears