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Welcome to The Lab
« on: 11 Sep 2009, 02:17 am »
Welcome, the door is open so come on in.

The Lab is a place on Audio Circle to discuss the various technical aspects of our hobby or perhaps obsession is more appropriate.

As the tagline says "The technical side of audio. How and why our equipment works, construction, and DIY." All of these are fair game and I'm here to help keep things on track.

There are a few rules in addition to the standard Audio Circle Rules and posting guidelines. I am going to continue the policy of keeping The Lab a DBT discussion free zone for exactly the same reasons as one of the previous facilitators, those threads always end up hostile and I have limited time for facilitating and would much prefer not to spend it bashing heads from threads that were doomed from the beginning.

The other rule I have is really just an extension of the main rules, treat other folks with respect and dignity. Disagreement is fine, just do so in a civilized manner. If you disagree with someone or their opinion feel free to post your thoughts but don't poke fun, name call, make childish remarks or behave in an other than adult and professional manner. I won't tolerate it.

I am not confrontational by nature but if pushed I will push back. Just think of the big, quiet guy you don't want to make mad, that would be me. :)

I am particularly fond of DIY projects, so I encourage you to post your latest work. It's fun to share and others will almost certainly learn something from it.



Re: Welcome to The Lab
« Reply #1 on: 11 Sep 2009, 02:50 am »
The facilitator title looks good on you.  :thumb:  Thanks.


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Re: Welcome to The Lab
« Reply #2 on: 4 Mar 2015, 06:48 pm »
I am a newbie from Redmond, Washington.  I enjoy DIY Projects and have built the Buffalo III SE DAC which sounds fantastic.  I am looking for an USB to I2S module that I can use with the DC to provide USB input.  Thanks.